Residential Property Management

Kitchen - Property Management

The Mike Rushin Company Inc. in Little Rock, Arkansas, provides top-to-bottom property management services to help you manage your estates wisely. We help you maintain a competitive market value for your property.

How We Do It

Make your home more appealing to buyers and potential tenants. We can help you with everything, from formulating a compelling marketing plan, to handling lease applications, making maintenance calls, and producing monthly reports. All you have to do is inform us what you need and we will swiftly take care of everything, including:

• Heating

• Air Conditioning

• Plumbing

• Electrical

Cost-Effective Property Search from Results-Driven Real Estate Agents

The Mike Rushin Company Inc. in Little Rock, Arkansas, is home to knowledgeable real estate agents who conduct large-scale property searches. We assist both buyers and sellers in owning and selling properties. Around 95% of our contacts are for residential clients.

Buyer's Assistance

Find the ideal home for you and your family at the lowest possible cost. We have a diverse portfolio of properties all over town. Our seasoned real estate agents will take care of everything for you. Just give us the details of your preferences and we will promptly provide you a list of homes that fit your criteria. 

Seller's Assistance

Speed up your property's sale with fair market value pricing. We will conduct marketing analysis so we can determine an appropriate sales price for your place. To maximize the visibility of your home, we will also work with other real estate agents in the area.

Contact us in Little Rock, Arkansas, for accurate property searches from our results-driven real estate agents.